Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Beauty DIY: Rice Paper Face Mask

Hey, everyone!Sooo this summer I've been really obsessed with taking care of my skin and I've had so much time to experiment with a lot of skincare products. (To be honest, maybe I should have focused more on studying for the SAT instead...) But I found out how to make these super cool rice paper face masks and, bless, they have been saving my precious skin from the heat and damage of the blazing, hot star in the sky.  
These rice masks are used to help brighten your skin, moisturize your skin, smooth out blemishes, and decreases wrinkles. You can read more about the benefits of rice products here. These masks really help and they are pretty easy to make so here's how to make them:


    • Edible Rice Paper (Like the ones used to make Vietnamese spring rolls. You can find some at any Asian market or buy them on Amazon)
    • A plate or bowl
    • Milk or rice water or any tea (Like the water used to rinse your rice before you cook it.)

    Step 1

    How to make:

    1. Take your rice paper and cut it in a way to fit your face. There's no certain way to cut it; you can cut it the way I did, or you can just cut rectangles. Please don't just put the whole circle on your face though, because I've done it and you can't breath and it's just miserable. FYI: the rice paper is also difficult to cut because it breaks easily and you have to be really careful.