Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Birthday!

Hey, everyone!  Sorry for posting for a while, but I mean, Spring Break happened and my local youth symphony group went to England and I had a Forensics State competition and I failed a math test...  Anyway, yesterday, May 12 was my birthday and now I am 15 years old!  Thank you to everyone for all the birthday gifts and wishes; I appreciate all of them and they made my year! 

Started out my day with a new Anne Klein watch from my mother and some cute nails from Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in "Polka Party." 

A cute little shot featuring the garden with my holographic shoes from JCPennies.

A cute little family photo with me and my bro. Look at this pie. It's chocolate. 

Okay, so my besties came up to me during lunch with signs and a cake. #blessed 

 Here's all of the items I received from family and friends! Thank you everyone for thinking of me and celebrating my birthday! All the gifts mean so much to me! I had a lot of trouble walking around school with all my gifts haha.  I have no idea where my friend got this Taurus necklace, but I had to show my Taurus pride on Tumblr so ya.  (Where my Taurus peeps at?)

I didn't really do much after coming home to be honest. (I was feeling like turning up on a Tuesday.) Now I'm stuck with two cakes, so maybe I'll have a party on the weekend? Well, whatever happens, thanks for celebrating my birthday with me!  Hope you all have a great day and good luck to everyone in school with finals and AP tests and everything else! 

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