Saturday, May 16, 2015

How I Packed for Spring Break in England and Scotland

Okay, hey, everyone!  Recently, on my spring break vacation, the local youth symphony took the members (like me~) to preform in England and Scotland over 10 days. This was actually my first time leaving the country and I actually had no idea on what and how to pack for an airplane trip.  So now, it's almost a month after the trip and I am now a pro at pleasing the NSA and I can now teach you guys how to also please the NSA. (Please keep in mind that I'm packing to preform over in England/Scotland as well, so some things I packed might not be needed for you. And I'm not sure if this packing style is legal in other countries because I flew from the US to England/Scotland so make sure to do proper research yourself!)
Okay, so this is the mess I'm bring overseas. Let's get started on packing! 

First, here is my super cute toiletries bag (I found it for $1.50 at a yard sale)~ The symphony chaperons recommended that we use the 3-1-1 rule (which is basically states only having 3.4 ounce bottles in 1 quart-sized bag (just shove as many bottles as you can in that bag) with only one bag per flyer) and we could transfer our toiletries into another bag after the flight.
I didn't want to bother with wearing/bringing makeup so I didn't bring any products. This face wants to be free and in the nude.  But what I managed to fit in my quart-sized bag was:
I wish that I didn't bring shampoo and conditioner because we stayed at 7 different hotels and each had its own shampoo and conditioner (which I ended up taking home because it was free). Other than that, everything lasted me and I actually used all of the items rather them not be used and take up space in my suitcase. Tip: it was incredibly windy and rainy and misty so the weather chapped my face and lips a lot, so make sure to bring moisturizer.

Moving onto my next bag: my backpack by Ful! I wanted something that can store all the snacks I wanted to eat and all the gifts I wanted to buy without looking like a wild backpacker, so it was great.

In the front few pockets, I carried:
  1. A face mask because what if I became sick or a dust storm appeared out of nowhere 
  2. My eye glasses cleaner
  3. A Pencil case full of pencils and pens
  5. Tissues

And in the main pocket of my backpack I managed to stuff:
  1. The book Of Metal and Wishes, which I was suppose to read for school and create a project on (I actually ended up finishing the book the day before so I ended up not bringing it)
  2. A sketch book just because
  3. A thin folder
  4. My Rilakkuma money pouch/wallet
  5. The book The Tyrant's Daughter because yay reading
  6. My Samsung ATIV Book 4 laptop and charger and earphones (I actually ended up bring my iPad mini 3 and charger because the laptop was too bulky) (Btw, make sure to bring the correct converter! Or else you'll never charge your device and have to go buy a converter and cry.) Also btw, I'm was watching JK News while I was packing because I love them. 

Now, we will finally see how to pack a suitcase for a music tour in England and Scotland featuring my adorable Hello Kitty carry-on suitcase from Sanrio.

So here were some of the clothing items I wanted to bring. I couldn't really fit thick clothing in my suitcase because it took to much space, so I aimed more toward bringing a lot of thin clothes. On the left is what I plan to wear onto the place because wearing your bulkiest items allows more room in your suitcase. 
Okay, so I did check the weather in all of the places we were going to (which ranged from 30-50 degrees Fahrenheit), but I still ended up bringing a few shirts.  Poor life decisions were made. When we were in Inverness, Scotland, it was incredibly cold and I ended up wearing 4 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, 1 cardigan, 2 sweaters, 1 jacket, 1 scarf, and 1 furry hat. 
Since I went with the Orchestra to play in Great Britain, we had to bring our concert clothing. So here is my dress and blazer from JC Pennies along with my tights and shorts.

I hid a copy of my passport (which is a great idea just in case you lose your passport or else you'll probably never come back and cry so ya) and some more feminine products under the zipper of my suitcase.

So bottom of my suitcase was uneven due to the handle bars, so I made the bottom sort of even by putting my underclothing in the lower parts.

Now here I have put some of the bulkier items in, like my puffy vest, shoe bag, and toiletries bag.  
Let's take a look into my shoe bag! So here are the feetwear I plan on bringing: my warm boots for the wet weather, my comfy and furry slip-ons, my concert Mary Jane shoes, and all of my socks and 1 hat I managed to fit inside the bag as well. 
Tip: roll up your socks and stuff your shoes with them, it saves save and prevents your shoes from being squished!
I'm beginning to roll up my clothes and stuffing them in strategic ways. 
Here's a short tutorial if you don't know how to roll up your clothing. Maybe read it from bottom to top.  Just fold it vertically then rolled it into a little burrito.
Now I'm done with my folding and managed to fit everything in with some space leftover for souvenirs and food! Efficient packing! 
When I added my concert clothing bag, it kept on inflating so it actually took up a lot of space. Bless the clasps in the suitcase for holding all my clothes together.
Yay! Now I'm done! Here's the clothes I will be wearing and all my bags together, ready for the airport! I got through the airport fine and my flight went well! Hope the same goes to all of you guys when you prepare for a trip and hope I helped!  I'll probably tell you guys about my trip later and include all the cool things that happened! Thanks for reading! 

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