Tuesday, March 3, 2015

SheInside Mini-Haul and Review

Hello, everyone~ Hope you've had a great day so far~ 
I recently managed to save up enough bonus points on Sheinside.com, bought two items, and wanted to create my first haul and review for everyone. I'm not even sure if this is worthy to be called a haul... 

Anyways, to tell you about one of the greatest online shops for female fashion, Sheinside is a store with a great variety of clothing/jewelry, inexpensive choices, new daily items, and they are always up on the latest fashion trends. I did a review some time ago on my Tumblr on a backless sweater I won on Sheinside's Free Trial Center with some more detail on Sheinside's customer service, packaging, etc. 

Bought were packaged nicely in some plastic bags, but the wing tie-clips were pretty sharp and they made a tiny rip its bag. It's no big deal, though, but it surprised me.

  • Jan. 1 - Both orders sent
  • Jan. 2 - Kimono arrived in USA
  • Jan. 5 - Kimono arrived at Post Office
  • Jan. 6 - Kimono out for Delivery
  • Jan. 6 - Received Kimono
  • Jan. 8 - Wing Tie-Clips departed Hong Kong
  • Jan. 13 - Wing Tie-Clips arrived in the USA
  • Jan. 15 - Wing Tie-Clips arrived at Post Office
  • Jan. 16 - Wing Tie-Clips out for Deliver 
  • Jan. 17 - Received Wing Tie-Clips
As you can see, I received my kimono fairly quickly in 5 days, but it took a little longer than normal to receive my wing tie-clips. Both were labeled "Priority Shipping" online, meaning that it should ship earlier, but it was New Year's and they were probably swamped with orders from the New Year's sale.
I didn't have to contact with customer service, so you might want to just check out my Free Trial Review if you wanted to know more about it. 

Outfit Rundown: Sheinside Kimono, Tommy Hilfiger tank top, and Candy's cropped jeans
The kimono is incredibly flowy and light. The fabric is also a little cold to touch. It's great to wear during the spring and summer, especially when you live in a city that is typically 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the tassels get tangled/caught on random items a lot and they rip out. They seem pretty well secure, but they still get pulled out. Anyway, still love this kimono~ 

And about the wing tie-clips, I actually expected the wings to point outwards and not down as in the photo. It's okay, though because they still look nice. The pin backs are like those lapel pin backs and they aren't very sturdy and fall off easily. They are still fun to wear and a great way to accessorize your outfit.
So hope you all liked my mini-haul and review~  It was cool because it was my first time to fully buy some things for free due to Sheinside's bonus points system and free shipping during New Year's~ Which item do you like more, the kimono or tie-clips? I personally like the kimono because I've been saving my points forever for it! 
Have you all have a nice day!