Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy π Day~

Hello, everyone~And happy π day~ Because I'm a super smarticle-particle nerd, I take my π day very seriously.  If you have no idea what this means and very confused and maybe had to copy and paste π in Google, this π (also pronounced/seen as "pi") symbol is basically a math ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. But the number is actually irrational (or can't be expressed with a fraction) and its decimals have no pattern or end, so it's usually rounded to 3.14159. And the π symbol just represents that number. (Maybe read more on Wikipedia's article on Pi.)
 You've probably seen it while learning Algebra/Geometry and maybe your school held a contest to see who can memorize the most numbers of π. But if you never understood where it came from, here's a cool gif:
But why is there a day for π? Well, today is March 14, which can also be written as 3/14, and π is 3.14, sooooooooo today is π day~ (Also Albert Einstein's birthday~) But today, π day is extra special because the year is 2015, so it's 3/14/15 and π is 3.1415~ By the way, make sure to countdown until 9:26:53 tonight because π's additional decimals are 3.141592653~ It's the π day of the century! 

Due to such a big hype, there is a lot of places celebrating~ 
According to this Time article, in Chicago, there's a 3.14-mile Pi Fun Run/Walk that costs $31.41 to participate. And apparently, if your name is Albert or Alberta, they'll take $5 off in honor of Albert Einstein~
And in New York City, in Manhattan's Madison Square Park, there'll be giving out free hot cocoa and pie and everyone will count down to 9:26 (so that the days is 3/14/15 at 9:26 because those are also numbers of π).
Also in San Francisco, the Exploratorium museum is holding many pi/pie-related activities~
And throughout the day, there will be many bakeries and pizza places doing Pi day promotions like $3.14 pies and $3.14 combos with soda and a slice of pizza~ Make sure to search up if places in your city are doing promotions! Who doesn't want cheap food?

Sorry, I have no idea what other countries do during π day, so maybe search around...
So I spent my morning cooking muffins and gingerbread cookies with my mom and brother~ We didn't want to buy stuff to make a pie and we had a lot of gingerbread flour in our pantry, so ya... But the gingerbread cookies turned out great~ The one on the right kind of looks like a person.

Soooooo, other than baking cookies, I don't plan to do anything else on π day, so maybe I'll sit around.
So are you guys going to do anything for π day? Did you even know pi day existed? Tell me anything in comments~ And have a great π day~ 

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