Saturday, February 21, 2015

Superb Store Signal-boost Saturday: Milk Club

Hello, everyone~ I'm going to be starting series called Superb Store Signal-boost Saturday, which features a lovely online store so ya'll can expand your knowledge on the amazing stores out in the world wide web.
So I recently found this stunning Storenvy store based in the Philippines, Milk Club, and I thought that maybe some of you would like it.  (By the way, there is a 5% discount code for Milk Club at the end of the post~ )

Look at this amazing selection to choose from, and these aren't even half of all of their products~

According to Milk Club's "About" page, "Milk Club is a small online shop that sells unique, thrifted treasures and trendy Asian street wear apparel. Unique vintage finds can be found in this store and brand new items falling from different styles: sweet to dark. Milk Club is a collection of dolly, kawaii, aesthetic, anime, harajuku fashion and more!" Personally, I love all the products they have to offer and the above photo contains some of my favorite products. 
In addition to those products, Milk Club also has those super cute cat tights everyone has on Tumblr, a nostalgic Sailor Moon sweater, a quirky skirt with cute milk bottles on it, and white chunky sandals which everyone also has on Tumblr. 
And to match their adorable items, Milk Club's web store page is also aesthetically appealing, making shopping easy on your eyes. I'm pretty sure most of us have gotten sore eyes from crazy-looking websites and those are not fun...

The wonderful owner of the Milk Club store is Naomi Nikola, a 19 year old girl from the city of Manila in the Philippines. She enjoys graphic designing and layout editing and she is open for Tumblr theme commissions

You can follow Milk Club on Tumblr and Instagram for updates~ You can also follow Naomi on her personal Tumblr

I hope you liked learning about Milk Club and they have given me the discount code "xirimpi" for 5% off~  If you have any suggestions for the next Superb Store Signal-boost Saturday, please comment below~ 

See you guys next time and hope you all have a wonderful day~ 

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  1. Yeah, you are right that Milk Club is a nice online shop that sells unique, thrifted treasures and trendy Asian street wear apparel. But for streetwear apparel like most Kush Groove Shop.