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Great Glorious Game: Disney Tsum Tsum + Plushies~

Hey, everyone~ So back in August/September 2014, one of my many cousins told me about this Japanese, Disney Line game app that was released in US called Tsum Tsum. It's available on both iOS and Android, but you need a Line account to have friends on Tsum Tsum~ It's an incredibly adorable and addicting game, and I thought that maybe you guys would like to jump on this Tsum Tsum trend (It's kind of late, but I mean, Tsum Tsums are still popular!). And who doesn't like Disney? 
 "Tsum" means "stack" in Japanese, according to my Japanese friends, and other than being a really cute name, it pretty much sums up the game.

My Tsums in this game happened to be Baymax (Big Hero 6), Dumbo (Dumbo), Tigger (Winnie the Pooh), and Chip and Goofy (original Disney characters)
In the game, five random sausage-like forms of your favorite Disney characters (called Tsums), including the Tsum you chose to play as, fall from the top of the screen and stack on top of each other. Then you just have to use your finger to match three or more Tsums for them to disappear and get points/coins. As you match the Tsums, more fall from the sky, so you'll never run out. And the more Tsums you match in a chain, the more points you get. The point of the game is to match the Tsums as quick as possible before the minute timer goes off, trying to get the most points/coins.

Pretty simple, right? But there's a lot more features that make the game interesting. Since this game is affiliated with Line, you can compete with your friends on who is the best. It ranks you and your friends during the week and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place get great money prizes every Sunday morning. Then the scoreboard is cleared and you get to compete again until next Sunday. You can get more money prizes for how high your score is. When you break 500K, you get money on the the closest Sunday no matter even if you are ranked last. You get more money on 750K; 1,000K; 1,500K; and higher. 
 As seen in the above screenshots, every hour you can also give your friends these energy hearts, which limit how much you can play the game. In the beginning, you have no friends and one heart respawns back after an hour, but as you get more and more friends, you tend to get so many hearts that it doesn't even matter anymore. Talking on the Tsum Tsum Sub-Reddit and posting your Line ID to any social media gets a lot of friends quick; just be careful who you friend.
Some more features include leveling, which just shows people how much of a life you don't have and gives you a bonus on your score, and rubies, which is the payable currency that you can trade for more coins or use for more time during gameplay.
So in Tsum Tsum, everyone starts out with Mickey Mouse as their first Tsum, but you can also buy the Tsums for different effects and power-ups in the game. There are two types of boses you can buy Tsums from: the Happiness Box and the Premium Box. The Happiness box costs 10K coins and is pretty basic with all the original and main Disney characters like  Donald Duck, Minnie, Pooh, and others. The power-ups that the Happiness Box Tsums have aren't very good and are simple.

However, the Premium Box is fire with all the cool power-up Tsums and a lot more characters. The only downside is that it costs triple the amount at 30K coins. Some of the Tsums in this box are Lotso (Toy Story 3), Bambi (Bambi), Alice (Alice in Wonderland), Marie (Aristocats), Tinker Bell, and many more. Right now, Tsum Tsum is celebrating the fact that 40 million people have downloaded the game and recently included Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty), Baymax (Big Hero 6), and Elsa (Frozen)~

You can also level up your Tsums for better powers by playing as them or matching them in a game.
Currently, my digital collection of Tsums include Mickey, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Stitch, Tigger, Marie, Lady, Zero, Dumbo, Little Oyster, Bambi, and Baymax. I mainly use Marie, Baymax, and Mickey and they are the highest leveled. And here are my stats if anyone was curious on how much I wasted my life for Tsum Tsum. 

Photos above are from the Tsum Tsum at Disneyland Gallery.
Okay, everyone, I just have to say that the best part of Tsum Tsum is that there are actually plushies of the Tsums! 
The photos above were taken from the Tsum Tsum section in the Disney Store and from the collections from left to right are: Mickey and Friends, Toy Story, and Pooh and Pals
A single, mini 3½" Tsums are $4.95 and I love soooo much! They're so adorable! When I went to Disneyland in December 2014, I could only find the Christmas versions and I'm starting to build my collection! 

Photos above were also from the Tsum Tsum section of the Disneyland Store and from left to right: Stich, Marie, Pooh
There are also Medium 11" and Large 17" sizes for $12.95 and $24.95~

Currently,they are physically sold at World of Disney at the Downtown Disney District in Disneyland, Once Upon a Toy at the Downtown Disney Marketplace in Walt Disney World Resort, and in Disney stores around the nation~

 I really want a Medium-sized Pooh the next time I go to Disneyland...
Which one do you guys want? And what's your highest score on Tsum Tsum?

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